XBMC 5.1 Sound Wrong Channel out of the Wrong Speakers

I have an XMBC Live (XBMCbuntu) set up at home that includes a Denon 5.1 surround sound receiver. Out of the box XBMC will play the wrong sound channel out of the wrong speaker. Most noticeable is that the center channel will come out of the rear left speaker.

Finding a solution for this proved difficult, it’s not an XBMC problem so much as a problem with Alsa. The solution below has worked with XBMC 9, 10, and 11.

Here is what you do:

ssh into the XBMC box and create a /etc/asound.conf file. Cut and paste the text below into it.

pcm.!hdmi-remap {
  type asym
  playback.pcm {
    type plug
    slave.pcm "remap-surround71"

pcm.!remap-surround71 {
  type route
  slave.pcm "hw:0,3"
  ttable {
    0.0= 1
    1.1= 1
    2.4= 1
    3.5= 1
    4.2= 1
    5.3= 1
    6.6= 1
    7.7= 1

Then reboot.

Once XBMC comes back up, go to System->Audio and set the audio output to hdmi-remap. Then play a video with 5.1 sound, it should all work out.

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