Here’s the setup on another XBMC problem that took me longer than it should have to figure out:

I’ve got a Sickbeard + Couch Potato + SABnzbd setup. The three programs are doing their job, downloading and placing the videos where I want them. XBMC is importing the videos into the library as it should. When I attempt to play the video on a remote XBMC, nothing happens. No error, no message, no screen flicker, nothing. The video does play just fine on my PC using VLC or Windows Media Player. It also plays fine using a Plex client.

The Solution:

Much like the problem I had with uTorrent, it comes down to permissions. In my setup SABnzbd writes the files to a temporary directory while downloading. Once downloaded the video is moved into another directory for permanent storage. The video and its files inherit its permissions from the temporary directory. All was well and good in my world until I updated SABnzbd, this apparently reset the permissions on my temporary directory. I added permissions for full control by Everyone and it fixed my problem.

Plex worked fine from the beginning because the Plex Server was running as administrator on the same PC as the video files.

Torrents are not safe. Your IP address is visible to all. Eventually you will be caught and copyright infringement notices will be sent to your ISP. Using an Usenet Provider will not only protect you but allow you to download faster. I recommend NewsgroupDirect.