How to batch convert DICOM to JPEG

This method will allow you to batch convert DICOM images into JPEG images.

  1. Install IrfanView
  2. Install the IrfanView plugins (This gives Irfan View DICOM support)
  3. Now you have the prerequisite programs installed.
  4. Open IrfanView
  5. Go to File->Batch Conversion/Rename
  6. Find and select the DICOM you wish to convert and click the Add button. (You’ll most likely have to change ‘Files of Type’ to All Files (*.*)
  7. Select your Output Directory, this is where the JPEGs will be created.
  8. Check ‘Batch Conversion’
  9. Under Output Format, select JPG – JPEG Format
  10. Click Start
  11. There should now be a JPEG of each of the DICOM files you added in the Output Directory you selected.

IrfanView Screen Shot


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