David Nacho Cheese Sunflower Seeds What Happened? Discontinued?

I love David Nacho Cheese flavored sunflower seeds. I used to buy them by the case in 5.25 ounce packs from Amazon. Sometime last year Amazon stopped selling them, thinking this was just Amazon being weird I found other website to fuel the addiction. As time went on they too would stop selling the big packs, eventually leaving the small packs as my only option. Something was very wrong in the world.

After a lot of Googling I only found one other person that seemed concerned, complaining and asking questions in an Amazon review to no avail. What was going on with my beloved seeds? Why wasn’t the world in an outrage?

Not being able to find any information online, I sent an email to Conagra, the folks that own David. This was the response:

It’s great to hear you enjoy our DAVID Nacho Cheese Sunflower Seeds!  I’m sorry to say we have discontinued our 5.25 ounce and 1.75 ounce sizes, but we do still have our .8 ounce size available. – Christine


Amazon still sells the small packs of Nacho flavored seeds.  The small packs taste the same as the large packs. For me it takes about two packs to add up to what I’ll eat in a sitting.




  1. Devastating news. I tried emailing them a while back about this and they didn’t give me any useful information sadly. This might be worse.

  2. This is horrible news. I have been searched everywhere trying to find a larger bag of Nacho cheese sunflower seeds before I stumbled across your information. Why do companies do this? They get you hooked on something that is very good and because it is selling better then their other products they discontinue it, and all there loyal customers who brought it faithfully are left to suffer. It isn’t fair.

  3. I agree u only enjoy nacho cheese seeds and I hate that they discontinued them and soon to be the .5 bags soon too they sell on amazon from 29 to 100 I’m not paying that price. And being the only flavor I eat I will not be switching flavors or trying a new one its over for David and me if nacho cheese discontinues.

  4. No, I was very concerned too when I couldnt find the big packs in the store. The small packs are such a tease to me but they are a great snack for me me. I guess I’ll have to deal…

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    1. Honestly the jalapeño hot salsa are super bomb they’re my favorite at a dead tie with nacho cheese but the dill are super nasty

    1. Have you tried them!? They’re delicious I can’t choose an all time favorite between cheese and jalapeño they’re both delicious

      1. I have. They’re my go to now also. I like the flavor the best, but the jalapeno is the best of the current bunch.

        I used to really like the BBQ flavor, but I feel like they have changed it a few years ago.

  6. Please please bring these seeds back. I’ve been wanting them for so long. I love the taste of them .

  7. Is there any way we can start a petition or something to ConAgra? Because something needs to be done about this..I need my seeds!!

  8. Thats horrible. I found a warehouse nearby that used to sell the big pack 10/$1 so I used to stock up and now they don’t have anymore

  9. I just contacted them today because they didnt sell nacho cheese anywhere and i wanted them back. They told me that i have to talk to the manager of the store and ask them if they can order them and sell them and they gave me the upc for nacho cheese.

  10. I am amazed to find this page as I too, have been disappointed for a few years because I no longer can find Nacho Cheese flavored sunflower seeds. They used to be everywhere and I used to enjoy them now and then, but suddenly they vanished. I wish for David’s or Congra to bring back this awesome sunflower seeds. I still find them on Amazon but they are old now and perhaps don’t taste as good as fresh ones.

  11. I am an OTR truck driver and I have looked in every state I have stopped and couldn’t find not 1 bag of David Nacho Cheese sunflower seeds. I repeat NOT ONE BAG OF NACHO CHEESE SUNFLOWER SEEDS. I even went on David website to try ordering them online. And quest what? Didn’t find any. So I decided to Google to see if I could find anyone that’s selling them and came across this site. I am really sad to learn that David decided to discontinue the BEST SUNFLOWER SEEDS FLAVOR THEY HAVE EVER MADE. I am devastated. I really don’t know how I am going to tell my kids this horrible news. They ask me everyday if I found any 🙁

    Decided to go on Amazon. To my surprised I found them and ordered 2 boxes for my daughter’s birthday. However I wonder how many more are left before they run out 🙁

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