Simple Wallet

I’ve been using the Kickstarter funded Simple Wallet for about two months now. I like it well enough to use it daily but it’s not perfect.

The wallet is made of leather with an elastic pocket in front and an elastic band in the back. This gives you two pockets for cards/cash and the band in the back to supposedly hold your phone. The Simple Wallet is slightly longer and taller than a credit card. At this writing the Simple Wallet retails for $24.

What I like

It’s simple. True to it’s name the Simple Wallet doesn’t hold any surprises. It’s got a couple of pockets that are big enough to hold plenty of cards or some cash if you fold it in half.

It’s thin. Not as thin as a Crabby Wallet, but definitely thin enough for me.

The pockets are tight enough that you don’t worry about anything falling out. At the same time cards and cash are easy to remove and put in.

The Simple Wallet has held up perfectly to two months of heavy use. There is no wear and tear at all.

What I don’t like

The Simple Wallet isn’t what I would call pretty.

I don’t get the strap on the back. It’s supposed to hold your phone, but I just don’t get the point.

The price is a little high for some leather and elastic.


I like the Simple Wallet, it lives up to its name and does a good job.

Crabby Wallet

The Crabby Wallet was one of the first Kickstarter wallets around. It managed to get $300,000 over its original pledge request of $10,000. Typically such a large amount over the original request spells death for a Kickstarter, but the folks behind Crabby managed to pull it all together and deliver the wallets pretty much on time.

I received my Crabby Wallet about a week ago and immediately put it to use as my day to day wallet, replacing a Ridge Wallet.

The first thing you notice is that the Crabby Wallet isn’t the prettiest girl at the dance. It’s black elastic with an elastic strap that comes in a few different colors. Going purely by looks I would pick my Ridge Wallet any day. The second thing you notice about the Crabby Wallet is that it’s small and thin, oh so very thin. The crabby is slightly longer but slightly shorter than a credit card. Cards in the top slot stick out a bit. This makes it very easy to put cards in and take them out, at the same time an elastic strap holds them in so there is no danger of them falling out. With four credit cards inside the Crabby Wallet is roughly the same thickness as a Ridge Wallet empty. It is by far the slimmest Wallet I’ve owned.

The Crabby Wallet solves my one complaint with The Ridge, pocket feel. The Ridge is smooth aluminum, it would slide around my pocket and end up at odd angles. Sometimes my key fob would get involved and sit on the wallet making it very uncomfortable. The Crabby Wallet is made out of elastic, it doesn’t slide around in my pocket. Its thin enough that if my key fob does sit on top of the wallet its not a big deal.

For the ease of use and comfort that comes with the Crabby Wallet I can get over any problems I have with its looks. I really like the Crabby Wallet and it will be the wallet I use for a long time.

You  can buy a Crabby Wallet from

2013-12-16 Update: The elastic began to wear quite a bit and fray. On a recent trip I was pulling cards in and out of the wallet seemingly constantly and it just about did the little guy in. As it is now, the wallet still looks alright, no holes or anything glaring. The elastic band is noticeably frayed. The wallet is very loose. If I dropped it I think the contents would spill out.

It’s the first wallet I have ever worn out and it only took a few months. It’s sad because I really like it.


I’m picky about wallets. I always have and still do only keep them in my right front pocket along with my car key fob. I rarely carry cash outside of an immediate need. When it comes to wallets the smaller and thinner the better.

Dopp Regatta Wallet

Dopp Regatta 88 Series Front Getaway Pocket

I’ve had my Dopp Wallet since I was a teenager. It sets the standard by which I judge all other wallets. Its thin, it has more than enough room for all of my cards, and it has an ID window. There is plenty of room for bills.  Your cards, bills, and ID are all easy to get to, but at the same time do not accidentally fall out. My only real problem with the Dopp Regatta is that I’ve used it for 15+ years and I would like something new.

I didn’t think I could get bored with a wallet, but over the last couple of years I’ve found myself buying other wallets and trying them out.


Twelve South BookBook

The BookBook is a wallet and phone case combo. I used it for a couple of months with my iPhone 4S. In the end I went crawling back to my trusty Dopp wallet and glow in the dark Gameboy cell case because of the thickness and the mute problem explained below.


  • It looks good.
  • It makes holding your phone while browsing the web, playing games, or whatever, comfortable.
  • I received lots of compliments from people after they saw the BookBook.


  • Between my phone and my cards it is just too thick. Depending on my pants sometimes I couldn’t sit with it in my pocket.
  • The 4S version doesn’t have a hole for the camera, I had to slide my phone out of my wallet to take a picture.
  • Whenever I would hold the phone to my face to speak sometimes it wouldn’t detect this motion and turn the screen off. This led to me constantly putting the phone on mute with my cheek. This was beyond annoying.

Russian Mario WalletRandom Russian Mario Wallet

I purchased this wallet off of some guy on the Something Awful forums. The graphic on the front made it a must buy. The wallet is made out of vinyl, the same sort pool toys are made out of. When you put a card in it the vinyl grabs on and never lets go. I had so much trouble getting the cards out of the wallet it has never left my house. Vinyl is not a good material for wallets.

The Rubber Band Method

The ultimate slim wallet is the rubber band. Problem is you look like a homeless person when you try to pay someone. I tried a rubber band out for about a day, felt stupid, and stopped. I can’t give it any technical complaints. I didn’t like for the same reason I don’t turn all of my old jeans into shorts; standards.


The Ridge Wallet

The Ridge: Front Pocket Wallet

I’ll confess I have a soft spot for Kickstarters. The number of interesting or just plain unique products being developed through there piques my interest. Luckily I have yet to be burned by any failures. The Ridge is a Kickstarter I funded back towards the beginning of the year and received a few weeks ago. That’s a pretty fast turn around for a Kickstarter.

The wallet is two black brushed aluminum plates held together with heavy duty elastic. It has a nice heft to it. You can buy them with a money clip attached to the side. In a pinch you could cram some bills into the clipless version. This is the wallet I am currently using.


  • I really like the way it looks. Really do.
  • It’s small, the width/height is just slightly larger than a credit card.
  • You can be all cool and scan your cards without actually taking them out of the wallet.


  • Sometimes it gets all wobber jobby with my key fob in my pocket and becomes uncomfortable, leaving me to adjust things as if I’m playing pocket pool.
  • The two metal plates that make up the sides are about four credit cards thick. If these were thinner you would have a much thinner wallet.
  • While I have zero indication this will happen after my several weeks of use, I worry about the elastic wearing out someday.

Crabby Wallet

Crabby Wallet

This is another Kickstarter wallet. I have yet to receive it. Its a lot like The Ridge, except made out of cloth. I’m hoping the cloth will improve the pocket feel and thickness of The Ridge. I’ll update once I have a chance to try it out.


 9/17/2013: I received my Crabby Wallet and I have posted a review of it here.

2/3/2014: I’ve reviewed the Kickstarter funded Simple Wallet.

 8/26/2014: I’ve found a wallet I really like.