After a string of Kickstarter slim front pocket wallets I’ve finally found a replacement for my Dopp Wallet, a Ralph Lauren Silk Tie Card Case.

Problems with the Kickstarter wallets

The biggest problem I had with the Kickstarter wallets was their durability. Each wallet I tried ended up with either frayed cloth or elastic after a few months of use. In comparison my Dopp wallet has been with me since I was a teenager and looks great. A secondary problem, considering I was searching for function, was that they tended to look dorky, I would point out that The Ridge wallet was an exception to the dorkiness.

The Ralph Lauren Silk Tie Card Case

Card case is an apt name for this as there isn’t much room for cash, photos, business cards, or the other things people keep in their wallets. As a guy who only carries a couple of credit cards and IDs its perfect. The wallet is leather with one side covered in silk tie material. It’s small, not much wider than a credit card. The thickness is about three credit cards.

I’ve owned this wallet for about three months now. There is no wear and tear evident. If anything it looks better now as riding around in my pocket has polished the leather a bit.

I’ve not found a thing I don’t like about this wallet.

You can buy the Ralph Lauren Silt Tie Card Case directly from Ralph Lauren.ralph_lauren_wallet