Simple Wallet

I’ve been using the Kickstarter funded Simple Wallet for about two months now. I like it well enough to use it daily but it’s not perfect.

The wallet is made of leather with an elastic pocket in front and an elastic band in the back. This gives you two pockets for cards/cash and the band in the back to supposedly hold your phone. The Simple Wallet is slightly longer and taller than a credit card. At this writing the Simple Wallet retails for $24.

What I like

It’s simple. True to it’s name the Simple Wallet doesn’t hold any surprises. It’s got a couple of pockets that are big enough to hold plenty of cards or some cash if you fold it in half.

It’s thin. Not as thin as a Crabby Wallet, but definitely thin enough for me.

The pockets are tight enough that you don’t worry about anything falling out. At the same time cards and cash are easy to remove and put in.

The Simple Wallet has held up perfectly to two months of heavy use. There is no wear and tear at all.

What I don’t like

The Simple Wallet isn’t what I would call pretty.

I don’t get the strap on the back. It’s supposed to hold your phone, but I just don’t get the point.

The price is a little high for some leather and elastic.


I like the Simple Wallet, it lives up to its name and does a good job.