I live in Bentonville, Arkansas.

I have a beautiful wife who has given me many lovely children.

I am one of the owners of a medical imaging services and software company.

I have more hobbies than I have time. Sometimes I use my time to make time to make time.

Contacting Me
Use this form if you would like to send me a message.

A PHP class for handling DICOM files. It has, at least by my standard, become fairly popular, and generates a lot of email to me.

Parked Domains
I have a bad habit of buying domains and never doing anything with them. I wrote a meme randomizer to give those domains somewhere to go.

Old Wordpress Site
I had for many years a blog written under Wordpress. I used it as a test bed for earning monthly income from Adsense (ect) for doing nothing. It worked well up until some of the Adsense algorithms changed. No longer updated, I've removed the ads and left the content.