XBMC Asking for a Password Trying to Load a File via a Windows 7 Share that uTorrent Moved

Here’s the setup:

uTorrent is running on a Windows 7 machine. uTorrent keeps incomplete files in X:\torrent_scratch. It moves completed files to X:\SHARED. X:\SHARED is shared off to the network for everyone and has it’s permissions set to full control by everyone. XBMC on another PC has X:\SHARED mapped so it can play videos out of it.

Here’s the problem:

When you try to play a video from the share in XBMC, it asks for a password. Problem is, there is no password set  to use. The Windows 7 PC doesn’t have users with a password. The share is shared with ‘Everyone’, making the need for a password irrelevant anyway.

When you check the permissions on your shared folder, they are set correctly. The files/folders uTorrent is moving into the shared folder do not have the correct permissions.

The Solution:

Since uTorrent is moving the files into X:\SHARED you would assume the files would inherit the permission from that folder. Unfortunately it does not, it inherits permissions from the folder they were created in, X:\torrent_scratch.

The solution is to give X:\torrent_scratch the permission you want your files in X:\SHARED to have, in this case, full control by everyone.

Torrents are not safe. Your IP address is visible to all. Eventually you will be caught and copyright infringement notices will be sent to your ISP. Using an Usenet Provider will not only protect you but allow you to download faster. I recommend NewsgroupDirect.


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