Fixing Sickbeard’s Plex Notifications

I use Sickbeard in 2018. Even though Sickbeard’s development is dead it still works for me and switching to something like Sonarr would take time I don’t want to spend.

Sickbeard is able to notify Plex when a new show is downloaded and force Plex to update its libraries. At some point either Plex or Sickbeard broke support for this. I found a way around to fix it.

The idea is we will write our own script to update Plex. We’ll give it a name and location that fits into what Sickbeard expects to find.

You’ll need a web server on the same network as Sickbeard and Plex.

You’ll need to get your Plex Authorization Token.

You’ll need the Plex library ID of the library you want to update. (Look for librarySectionID= in the same place you get the authorization token)

On your web server in the web root:

mkdir xbmcCmds
cd xbmcCmds/
mkdir xbmcHttp
cd xbmcHttp/

Once in the xbmcHttp dir, create index.php and add to it:

print 'OK';

Replace PLEX-SERVER-IP with your Plex server’s IP address. Replace YOUR-LIBRARY-ID with the Plex library ID you want to update. Replace YOUR-PLEX-TOKEN with your Plex Authorization Token.

Now in Sickbeard go to Config and then Notifications. Make it look like the screen shot below, adding in your web server’s IP address.

That’s it. Save it and test. You should see the Plex library update.